Les Ballets C de la B

Les Ballets C de la B

les ballets C de la B

les ballets C de la B (Ghent-Belgium) was founded by Alain Platel in 1984. Since then it has become a company that enjoys great success at home and abroad. Over the years it has developed into an artistic platform for a variety of choreographers, taking its inspiration not only from Alain Platel but also Christine De Smedt, Koen Augustijnen and Lisi Estaras. Hans Van de Broeck and Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui were previously also members. The company still keeps to its principal of enabling artists from various disciplines and backgrounds to take part in this dynamic creative process. As a result of its ‘unique mixture of artistic visions’, les ballets C de la B is not easy to classify. It is nevertheless possible to discern something like a house style (popular, anarchic, eclectic, committed), and its motto is 'this dance is for the world and the world is for everyone'.
les ballets C de la B
Bijlokesite Bijlokekaai 1
9000 Gent
t. (+32) 9 221 75 01
f. (+32) 9 221 81 72
Les Ballets C de la B info@lesballetscdela.be



Chris Van der Burght, Luk Monsaert, Ellen Goovaerts


Kurt Van der Elst
Vince Vervliet
Hilde De Buck
Nele Dhaese
Iris Raspoet


Kurt Van der Elst


FEEL GOOD INC, Vince Vervliet